INSPIRE: German Earthquake Catalogue (GERSEIS)

The German Earthquake Catalogue is based on a database providing information on the seismicity in Germany an adjacent areas. It contains locations of seismic events since year 800 where their epicentre determinations are based on historical sources as well as on measurements at seismometer stations since the start of instrumental seismological recording in the 20th century. Today, digital data acquisition at seismometer stations of the German regional seismic network (GRSN), the seismic GERES array, and the Gräfenberg array (GRF) takes place. All events with a local magnitude ML 2.0 and higher are listed. The GML file together with a Readme.txt file are provided in ZIP format ( The Readme.text file (German/English) contains detailed information on the GML file content. Data transformation was proceeded by using the INSPIRE Solution Pack for FME according to the INSPIRE requirements. Due to the continuous processing of the seismic events, the INSPIRE dataset is updated annually.

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